Vision Ministries of America Inc. was formed as a result of many years of short time work in Brazil and Mexico. A board was formed of close friends and people who served with VMOA. As our work in Mexico progressed it was time to form a 501-C3 and name our organization. About ten years ago we organized and became a non-profit organization able to give tax credit to our donors. VMOA has twenty years experience.

Pastor Mike and a group of young people after being baptised


We work with local churches to do construction repairs to their building. This past year we blew insulation in three local churches at no charge.

United States

We work in New Mexico and Arizona to build houses for Native American families. We help repair churches, distribute food, and build new homes for those in need.

Foreign Interest

We have a history of doing work in Mexico. VMOA maintains a Ministry Center and provides VBS materials for over 20 churches. In Guatemala we repair seminary buildings, build new church buildings, provide medicine on medical mission trips, and evangelize. In Belize we train pastors in our Bible Training Center for Pastors and take church groups to do projects, as well as build new churches for those in need.

We are continuing work in Belize. We currently have 6 building projects going on. We have a need for medical personnel. Our ministry partner Kidz Konnect 4 Jesus has fed 2 million meals.

If you are interested in being a part of this work or would like to donate financially please see our contact and donate pages.